Nature Fix is a Resource for Conservation and WIldlife in Colorado.

Hello and welcome to Nature Fix!

Here you will find articles and stories about Conservation and Wildlife in Colorado.. I believe in writing articles that are factual, balanced and fun that showcase the unique challenges and beauty in this part of the country. In a state that is facing tremendous pressure from outdoor recreational activites, Nature Fix has a mission to inform and educate the people living and visiting this amazing state about the amazing creatures, ecosystems and conservation initiatives in colorful Colorado.

Hello! I’m Heather Valey and welcome to Nature Fix! I’m an award winning photographer, communicator, and content creator.

After 20 years in the Video Game industry, I pivoted into creating conservation and wildlife content. I am always eager to find the next conservation story, animal or destination to document.

My photographs have been used by multiple conservation agencies in Colorado and Texas. I create social media content for “Prairie Dogs 101” on Tik Tok.

And, last year I was lucky to work with Brooke Norman on her Rewildology podcast as her Audio and Video Producer.

I have a bachelors in Communication from Denver Metro University and am currently pursing a graduate certificate in Conservation Communications at Colorado State University (CSU). I received my Texas Master Naturalist Certification in 2017 and I have put in over 500 hours of volunteer time with various conservation organizations.

Contact Us

Are you or a group you volunteer or work with doing great things for conservation or sustainability in the American west? I am always on the look out for new stories with positive messages about conservation and sustainability. Drop me an email at Heather at Naturefix.net

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